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The MailSwing is designed to help protect your mailbox from snowplow damage and vandals by moving out of the way before damage occurs. swing away mailboxLasts a Lifetime…

Lasts a Lifetime

  • Made from heavy duty galvanized steel. The MailSwing will withstand   the impact of the snow thrown from the plow.

  • MailSwings dating back to 70’s still swing like new.

Adjusts with Ease…

  • Mounts on virtually any type of post. snowplow damaged mailboxes

  • Adjusts from 43" to 55" in length.

  • Fits a wide variety of mailboxes.

(If using with a mailbox that is a different size or weight than the mailbox

posted on our website, call to confirm compatibility)

Installs in a Snap…

  • All hardware is included.

  • Installs with common hand tools.

  • Easy to follow instructions included.

  • Professional installation available in Maine.                                                         

Has Many Options

  • Newspaper Box Bracket - Protect your newspaper box as well, mounts beside your mailbox.

  • Two-Box Spreaders - share your MailSwing with your neighbor, gives you the ability to mount two mailboxes on one MailSwing and post!

  • Sold as entire package (MailSwing,  galvanized mounting post, and mailbox) or purchase pieces individually.

Homeowners…no more winter worries!

You have enough to worry about after a snow storm! Shoveling a hard packed snow bank shouldn't be one of them, nor should running to the post office to get your mail.

When a snowplow or a vandal begins to strike your mailbox, the MailSwing will immediately move your mailbox up and out of the way, lessening the impact.

Mail Carriers… change vehicles - no problem!

If your mail carrier can't get to your mailbox, then your mail gets returned to the Post Office. Believe it or not,  it's actually a postal regulation! With your new MailSwing the plow truck can clear the snow for you and help ensure that your mail is always delivered. Also, whenever your mail carrier changes vehicles, you can easily adjust your mailbox arm to accommodate them!

Snow Plow Drivers… plow next to the mailbox - it will move out of the way!

The pivoting MailSwing action allows drivers to plow right up next to the mailbox post. This action cleans the snow from below and in front of the mailbox. No resetting. 

About Us…

The MailSwing was invented over 30 years ago by a family business "Guy Gay Equipment". The primary focus of the company was metal fabrication and heavy equipment repair. This included snow plows and snow moving equipment. This rural mailbox arm is designed to swing away from an oncoming snowplow and then reset itself for the next mail delivery. It is the only fully adjustable, heavy duty mailbox system that will last a lifetime.

Recently the business has been handed down from father to son and renamed MainelyMetals, whose focus will be metal fabrication including the MailSwing.

Our family history is the primary reason we can offer such a well designed product. Together we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Professional machinist with over 30 years experience.

  • Over 60 cumulative years of plowing snow professionally.

  • Decades of expert metal fabrication and design.

  • Professional mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service. 

  • Professional road maintenance and repair.

We feel that we have the unique capability to bring our practical experiences together to offer a great idea that works. Whether it's plowing snow, delivering mail, or designing metal products, our combined knowledge has helped to ensure that our complete line of quality products will serve our customers for many years.